Adaptive Gas Line using 3d Sweeps

Adaptive Gas Line using intermediate fitting

3D Spline by intersecting two 2D Splines

Adding text to parts

Adaptive Coil Spring Animation - Adaptive Coil Spring Inventor Files

How to make an Adaptive Coil Spring

Create an Adaptive Flexible Hose (R8+)

Cutting an internal Helix on a Mill using an angle head and rotary table (CNC)

Place a dimension on the center of a slot

Adding components to a Tweak in Presentations file

TahlCAM running in AutoCAD from TahlInc

Mobius Loop in Inventor

Positionable Hole on Cylinder

Positionable Hole on Cylinder pointing to a target point on another surface

R9 Pro Piping using Swagelok library I have in development.

Create a Color (R8)

Spline Between Parts

Copy / Paste Feature (Cabriole Leg) as an execise, how would you design it such that everything is controlled by one sketch as shown in this animation CabrioleLegStretch ?

Drill Holes at an angle to a face

Multiple Adaptive Springs. Assembly created from spring templates on hardware page (MS WMV9 codec)

Torbjørn's Lego Caterpillar Track's animated with slack. 

Make adaptive Bellows from Template link to the Bellows template part

Create a "mid plane" from non parallel faces (or planes) as a single nested work features.

Link to Codec used for these animations: TSCC Codec Download
Link to the home of Camtasia which was used for creating these animations:


  • Sudden

  • Sweet

  • sweeten

  • sword

  • tailor