AIP 8, Orbit Weld Swagelock fitting and tube library  This library was create for Inventor 8 Pro and is very limited.  This includes an mdb file that contains the tube and fitting definitions as well as replacement piping templates.   A newer version will be posted soon for AIP9 and will include nuts, adapters, gaskets glands etc.

AIP 9 Swagelok Fitting and Tube Library.  This library was created for R9 and only missing a few less used components. It has both VCR and HVCR fittings. The install program will put the library in the correct directory, register the library and swap out the piping runs.iam file in the piping template directory.  The original template file will be copied to "piping runs-ckb.iam"  The install will also add an uninstall that will reverse the process.  I am looking for feedback on this library, how well it works and if you need more fittings added to it.

First in a series of tutorials for working with Inventor 9 Pro. 

Animation cycling through Female Pipe to Swagelok VCR Gland Connectors (link to Techsmith Codec)

FPT-Connector.jpg (15016 bytes)