Family Name maps to what is displayed under the published to folder.  The Description is mapped into the bottom of the Tube & Pipe library interface.



Keys are displayed in sequence.  Note, this is independent of the Nominal Diameter mapping (ND1 and ND2 in this example)


Mapping of the filename is based on the Designation field.  A GUID is appended to the designation and the resultant part is placed in the directory mapped to Content Center.


Example, the iPart TestPart.ipt was stored in the SEMI library with a Designation mapped to the “Designation” column in the iPart spread sheet.  The part related to the 7th row was selected hence resulted in the filename:


And placed in the directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Inventor\Content Center Files\piping\fitting\SEMI\semi\nuts\FamilyName


The actual director mapping is based on concatenating the following

  1. Content Center [root] C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Inventor\Content Center Files
  2. “piping\fitting\piping\fitting
  3. Library name \SEMI
  4. published Library directory \semi
  5. Library folder \nuts
  6. Family Name \FamilyName
  7. Filename + GUID  \Designation7.{E0836F6E-80E7-4B64-B559-BB9B247A6DA5}.ipt